Grouting Glass Tile


How To Grout Glass Tile

Non-Sanded grout that is latex or polymer modified and compliant with A118.4 should be used with all glass tile and glass tile mosaics. If sanded grout must be used for technical or aesthetic reasons, gentle application of grout with a soft rubber float is recommended to minimize the possibility of surface scratching. A mock up or testing installation should be executed to ensure results are acceptable. Epoxy grouts or adhesives should not be used.


After Grouting

Wipe off excess surface grout with a slightly damp sponge-do not wash. After intial was has been allowed to haze, wip once with minimal pressure at a 45-degree angle to joints and rinse sponge after wiping once with eash side. Any remaining haze can be buffed off with a dry towel or cheese-cloth after grout surface has dried sufficiently.